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The team of engineers at Schwander Polska® ensures execution of customized projects, catering for the specific needs and requirements of the users. Apart from proposing conceptual solutions, the team prepares all the necessary documentation required in order to obtain construction permit. The aim of the company is to provide “turn-key” solutions by implementing exclusive technology.
All of wastewater treatment plants designed and constructed by our company are fully automated, which means that they do not require permanent human supervision. Each facility is equipped with remote control system, which can be accessed from any web-enabled device. The essential point is that every wastewater treatment plant is fully hermetic and deodorized. Exclusive technological solutions developed by Schwander Polska® enable significant reduction of the area required for construction of wastewater treatment plant as well as harmonious integration into the landscape, without the necessity to create prohibited zones.
Schwander Polska® currently operates in European markets focusing on implementing technologies in the Scandinavian countries, in the Balkans and on the Iberian Peninsula. At present, the board sees the potential for further expansion into European markets by offering innovative and reliable solutions, which proved to be highly successful in Poland. Wastewater treatment plants built by our company are located particularly in legally protected areas, such as national parks or Natura 2000 sites.
Schwander Polska® formed a strategic partnership with huge market players: Swedish company Alfa Laval and renowned American manufacturer Hach. Furthermore, the company cooperates with Seepex, Sulzer, ThyssenGroup and Kaeser Kompressoren. The company currently focuses on active involvement in seeking new solutions and finding new ways of cooperation with scientific research teams of the best technical universities in Poland: Silesian University of Technology, Warsaw University of Technology, Cracow University of Technology as well as Research & Development departments of Alfa Laval and Hach. Schwander Polska® always welcomes the potential contributions of other parties, looking for possibilities of cooperation with local authorities, universities, students and research teams.

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