We pay utmost attention to expanding our theoretical and practical knowledge, which allows us to optimise process parameters, minimising the impact of wastewater treatment plant on the environment and water recovery, i.e. reuse of treated wastewater. Due to the cooperation with technical universities in Poland and in Europe, we aim at implementing state-of-the-art process solutions. 

Cooperation with Cracow University of Technology

On November 13, 2018, Schwander Polska signed a Cooperation Agreement with Cracow University of Technology. The scope of the agreement encompasses research and development works at the MBR wastewater treatment plant. The scope of research includes the following stages:
  1. Identification of the technological processes and their principles with determination of the basic parameters
  2. Determination of the activated sludge growth rate and properties (microbiological testing)  
  3. Measurement of energy consumption of the process  
  4. Determination of the process guidelines for designing of membrane bioreactors
  5. Determination of the guidelines for optimisation of control and automation system in membrane bioreactors
The final stage of the cooperation will be drawing up the test report. 

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